Simply Art

From a female perspective first, maerzART is a multi-dimensional online space fostering dialogue between international young artists and collectors. With a curated and versatile collection, the German based gallery brings together sculptures, paintings, digital media and more, all made by women who use their art to address contemporary societal issues. maerzART positions itself both as an online art gallery and an interactive sphere with regular pop-up events.

Our range

Whether you are building your own collection, purchasing a single work of art or looking for a gift for a special someone, we are here for you from the start.

We offer exclusive works of art by aspiring artists and at affordable prices.

We also work with interior designers and at our events you have the opportunity to meet the artists (after corona times) we represent and exchange ideas with other collectors.

Contact us if you are looking for something special and have not (yet) found it on our site.

About the founder

maerzART was founded in 2019 by Ilona Maerz. The idea was born in 2016 during the art historians’s time at Sotheby’s New York. While here she acquainted herself with the local cultural scene from a wide range of perspectives.

She witnessed firsthand how young artists engaging in discourses with their work shaped them as much as the dialogue with passionate collectors who are committed to promoting new talent. The result is a steadily growing network that gives artists and those interested in art the opportunity to exchange ideas.

The focus was and is on the female perspective. The main determining factor is the role of the artist in society and what can be moved with art.

After years of working in private space, maerzART is now going public. Both online and with pop-up events. Because even if the internet can open a door to the world of art, it only comes alive real space and in dialogue with people.